In the beginning – there was a plan, more or less!

In March 2011, Blue Moon Aurora, LLC, was formed in the State of Maryland to publish fiction and roleplaying games.  The basic BMA business plan is to try to break even producing high-quality books.  That’s about it; really, that should be the business plan for all small press publishers. Blue Moon Aurora’s focus is on roleplaying games, which is pretty much a niche market where if you sell 1000 copies of your book you’re doing pretty well.  So this is a modest little enterprise, but we have committed to put a minimum of three years into this to learn how it all works (we’ll admit it, we’re pretty ignorant at this point).  We aren’t in this to become rich (there are easier ways to make money), but we love to write and we love nice books.


Our first fiction book will be released this July.  West Pacific Supers: Rising Tide is the story of a superhero team in a world much like our own where securing endorsements, climbing the rankings, and handling the media is about as important as saving the city from destruction.  We are in the process of preparing it for publication as an e-book and via print-on-demand.  To give you an idea what this book is all about, we will be sharing the first three chapters online in April, May, and June.  If you like the first three chapters; you’ll love the book, if you don’t like them, well, buy someone else’s book.

So our first three books will be:

West Pacific Supers: Rising Tide (July, 2011)

West Pacific Supers: Victory at Any Cost (TBD, 2012)

West Pacific Supers: Apotheosis (TBD, 2013)

After West Pacific Supers we will be writing other books,almost definitely in the fantasy and science fiction genres. We certainly aren’t one-trick ponies; we’re at least three-trick ponies.  Once we finish writing West Pacific Supers: Apotheosis we’ll bicker for a few weeks about what to do next and one of us will finally yield.  At that point, probably some time next year, we’ll announce in this blog what we’re writing next.

Roleplaying Games

Our first RPG will be Duet Saga: Barony of Calagard which is an entire duet campaign to allow a narrator to run a single PC as the ruler of a dominion, managing an unruly noble family, foiling evil machinations, courting one’s true love, and trying to be a just, or at least effective, ruler.  Released simultaneously will be the Duet Saga Handbook, which will be a free PDF giving you all the information you need to run effective duet campaigns. These first books will be Pathfinder compatible, but will have lots of great materials for any fantasy RPG.

So our first roleplayinig books will be:

Duet Saga: Barony of Calagard (TBD, 2011)

Duet Saga Handbook (TBD, 2011)

We are also in the process of developing West Pacific Supers: Roleplaying Game but between our big ambitions for this RPG and our limited resources means this won’t be released any earlier than August, 2013.There are also a number of other ideas percolating, including a number of additional Duet Saga sequels, but thus far nothing is set in stone.

Children’s Books

Michelle has a manuscript done for a collection of Buddhist children’s stories that we will be publishing, but we can only do so much at a time so we don’t expect this to be released till probably 2013.

Other Stuff

I will continue to rework the website and forums and make a better effort to keep putting new stuff on the site.  There might be a few other things to announce down the road, but this is the place where I’ll make all our major announcements first. Check back as there’ll be more use of the members function for this website with emails and even a section with stuff just for members.  So join up to not miss anything! Otherwise this is more than enough for today’s blog.

Thanks for reading,



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