Preview of West Pacific Supers

As those who frequent this website have noticed it has a new look, a new logo, and is slightly reorganized to better serve Blue Moon Aurora, LLC. But the even cooler news is that the first chapter of West Pacific Supers: Rising Tide is up as a PDF on the Previews page. We will follow this up with the second and third chapters in May and June to build up to our release of the e-book in July.  We are planning on releasing the book through Amazon and Barnes & Nobles and you will not need a Kindle or Nook to read it,which is a common misconception about e-books, Amazon, for example, has a free reader for its e-books you can use on your PC.

Now the first three chapters are pretty indicative of the book.  So if you like the first chapters you’ll like the rest of the book, but if you don’t like the first three chapters…spend your money elsewhere, but do check in from time to time, because we have other books planned including a Pathfinder-compatible roleplaying game campaign we’ll release near the end of the year.

Thanks for reading,



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