A Cover And More!

It has been a few weeks without an update, though it was a good Spring Break so it all balances out in the end.  Things though have been moving forward and most exciting is we have our cover for our pending eBook – West Pacific Supers: Rising Tide.  The cover art was done by Eric J. Carter and he did an incredible job of creating West Pacific on the verge of crisis.  The title design was done by Andy Kerr who was also the mind behind the Blue Moon Aurora logo.  We’ll have the second chapter of Rising Tide up in the preview section next week, but as we are ahead of schedule we are moving up the release to June instead of July. We still have a number of things to do, but are well ahead of our various target deadlines.  So unless some fiasco or crisis catches us, Rising Tide will be available as an eBook in June.

Rising Tide is a fun book.  It’s also a little odd, I guess.  Sure the fact it’s about superheroes who are treated as celebrity super stars is a little different, but I think the real oddness to Rising Tide after rereading a few chapters is how it has a little bit of everything.  There’s melodrama, there’s comedy, there’s action, and rotating around the story is a number of interesting characters.  We hope people like it, we certainly think it’s a good story, but you never know till people read it.  That’s why at the end of the day, we just wrote a book we would like.

Duet Saga 1: The Barony of Calagard is progressing, though slower than I would like in regards to the writing.  The Barony of Calagard is basically a complete duet campaign for a knightly PC.  The ideas are easy as this is a sort of campaign I have been running for decades, but converting the ideas is proving challenging, well more slow than challenging.  The art is coming in great with a fantastic cover done by Lorraine Schleter who is also doing some interior art as well.  Actually, the artists Michelle has been working with have been great in all ways.  Christine Y. Chong (Mayshing) we’ve used for a number of pieces, like this one she has up on her DeviantArt page.  We’re also using Kim Feigenbaum, Zak Hennessey, Christina Hess, and MuYoung Kim.  I have to say every artist we have worked with has been great, very responsive, and professional.

All in all, things are moving forward, we’ve even partially outlined West Pacific Supers: Victory at Any Cost our next eBook as well as Duet Saga 2: Ghosts of Arbastil, but first we need to get some books published and not get too ahead of ourselves. So back to writing for me!

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