What Are We Playing Right Now?

May was a draining month for some reason and not a very productive one for writing or roleplaying, but June has arrived and Summer always brings me a huge boost in creative energy, which I have been feeling the last few days.  We took a hiatus from roleplaying for May and dived back into Bollywood, one of our guilty pleasures, but are getting back into the swing of things.

 First, Michelle has taken one for the team and begun GMing a D6 Star Wars campaign with the kids and me.  This was a return to a campaign Michelle had started last year and that the kids really loved.   The premise is simple enough, we’re a team the Rebel Alliance has assigned to help a local resistance group oppose the Galactic Empire. I’m an Alliance Intelligence officer, Big A is the smuggler with a ship, and Little A is a twi’lek sniper.  The last few adventures have been something with Big A totally botching an infiltration mission and Little A throwing tantrums over spending her money on the mission. The kids are playing with some weird mix of cocky bravado and paralyzation due to fear of making a mistake. The only good news is that the kid’s characters are finally starting to accept my PC as the leader of the group though they have yet to embrace the pursuit of the greater good over the greater profit.  Still it’s a good experience and they are finally old enough to handle it and maybe pick up some improved social skills.

Second, my play-by-post is going well with four campaigns running at the moment.  There is the iconic West Pacific Supers now in its five season via PBP I believe, which, as always, is surging along wonderfully.  There is both an Eclipse Phase and D6 Star Wars campaign running to good effect.  Finally, there is the Lords Campaign this year’s attempt at a PBP politically-orientated campaign, that is going great, mainly with the addition of Crazy Monkey running the crazy monarch of the player’s kingdom.  As a player I’m also in a Shadowrun campaign run by zzyxzs titled The Sixth World that has been steadily running on the forums for quite awhile now.  So PBP is also going great.

Third, Michelle and I finally got a new duet campaign running with a return to ICON Star Trek, which has always been a favorite for when we are looking for something a little less intense and more roleplaying focused.   We’ll see how it goes, but for duets Star Trek works well and the ICON system is super simple and intuitive.  Just perfect as a distraction from the writing and design work we’re doing for Knight of Curidan and future products.

So what are you playing right now?

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2 thoughts on “What Are We Playing Right Now?

  1. I would like some info on the west pacific supers play by post is it still going on. If not why did it die as well as are you planning on starting it agin thank you.

  2. I put it on hiatus about a year ago to switch my focus to tabletop roleplaying. I’ve ran it a few times with a tabletop group but I will admit a lot of people have been asking me about restarting the campaign. I have been tentatively considering it but it wouldn’t be something I’d do till September. If I do it, it will occur as play-by-post on these forums: http://bluemoonaurora.bb3host.com.

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