We’re Still Here!

I figured it was time for another update on all things Blue Moon Aurora.

Duet Saga: Knight of Curidan is ambling along. We have about 50,000 words written and the basics of all the mechanics figured out, but I suspect we’ll need another 50,000 words to finish things up.  This means we probably won’t have a first draft done till August.  The art is almost entirely completed and we have some excellent pieces. My instinct is that Knight of Curidan won’t be released till probably early 2012, but I am confident it’s going to be quite the book when it’s done.  I hope it will enable those GMs who don’t have the time or maybe the ideas to be able to run a really compelling duet campaign.

We are learning a lot, which is the whole point of the Duet Saga series.  Foremost we have learned that a novel with 100,000 words is many times easier to write than a RPG book with 100,000 words. We suspected this would be the case, but underestimated the factor by which RPGs were more difficult to write.  Obviously, one would think that for your first RPG you would aim smaller than a 100,000 word opus, but these are the type of RPG books I like so these are the type of RPG books we’ll make.  That said I keep toying with the idea of slicing off a lot of the duet advice material from Knight of Curidan and bundling it up as a free PDF.  That way we wouldn’t need to keep putting that foundational information in every Duet Saga and we’d have a small product as a practice run for Knight of Curidan.

Within two weeks, West Pacific Supers: Rising Tide will be released as an e-book. We’re not doing any significant advertising for it but will push it here and there.  We honestly have no idea whether it will catch on once it’s released, but we’re committed to the line regardless. We’ve  started writing West Pacific Supers: Victory at any Cost and as a wild guess I would peg maybe September when we’ll have the first draft done.  The turnaround on Victory at any Cost from first draft to e-book is probably going to be a lot quicker than with Rising Tide.  First, we’re more organized in the writing and thus will have less systemic problems to correct. Second, in writing the first book we established a voice and style for West Pacific Supers that is easy for us to continue.  So I would guess that spring 2012 is when Victory at any Cost will be released.  We might write the third book at the same time as the second book, in which case the third book, possibly called President’s Team, will be released in fall 2012.

After those books are out, we’re pretty flexible but it’s really a toss-up between another Duet Saga or West Pacific Supers: The Roleplaying Game.  The West Pacific Supers RPG is one of the big reasons we started Blue Moon Aurora, but we don’t want to tackle that until we’re completely ready to make it the awesome book we’re envisioning.  In either case, we may be hiring writers to help tackle some of the grunt work on these projects.  This could speed up the process or result in wasted money and a lot of rewriting, but it is one of those ideas we’re tossing around.

All in all things are moving along. As a reminder we do have a page on Facebook here and also are on Twitter.

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