Announcing West Pacific Supers: Rising Tide!

Almost 2 years from the day on which Kirk first suggested that we write a novel together, we’re thrilled to announce that West Pacific Supers: Rising Tide is now available for sale as an ebook on and We’re very proud of our book, from the gorgeous cover art by Eric J. Carter to each of the 48 chapters that tell our exciting story.

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

1)      What’s the book about?

Rising Tide is the first novel in our West Pacific Supers series, which is set in a world much like ours, but where superheroes are real. This isn’t a kids’ book, though it’s more like a 9pm dramedy than an HBO special! We’ve got a dynamic cast of characters, from diverse superheroes to a crazy geologist-turned-supervillain, all of whom have as many problems dealing with their personal lives as they do handling nefarious schemes. It’s a fast-paced, witty, and dramatic story.

2)      I don’t have an e-reader. Can I still read it?

Absolutely! The easiest way is by downloading the FREE Kindle for PC reading app, which is available here. Then you just go to the Kindle-version of our book here and for $2.99 the book will be downloaded to your computer for you to read! If you have a Nook e-reader, you can buy that version here.

3)       How hard is to self-publish?

Not nearly as hard as writing, revising, rewriting, and ultimately finishing the novel. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing and Barnes and Noble’s PubIt! really make things easy. We opted to pay someone to format our novel for e-publishing, and were very happy with the services provided by That process took about 8 weeks. We also chose to commission cover art for our book. However, none of that is required to put up a book for sale.

4)      I want to know more!

Great! You can friend us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our blog, and check out the book website!


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