Adventures in Marketing

We’ve had a lot going on lately, from the usual excitement of July 4th get-togethers to the high excitement of our first book release. West Pacific Supers: Rising Tide is now available on , barnes and noble, and Smashwords.

We’re trying a variety of marketing approaches to get the word out about our book. Knowing which approaches work best will help us market our future releases. We’ve already learned that advance planning is key. It took 8 weeks to get our novel formatted (we used, whose timeframe was comparable to other formatting services we queried). During that time, we would have been wise to start reserving advertising, since space on many popular e-reader book review sites is scheduled months in advance. There are a few benefits to having waited, however. For one, our budgeted marketing dollars will be stretched out over the rest of this year, which will allow us to track which ad campaigns garner the most interest. Additionally, we’ve needed some time to learn the amazon, barnes and noble, and smashwords process, including what information we can upload to the various sites. There is an advantage to having our book and author pages look as sharp as possible before people start seeing ads that link to those pages.

We created our own banner ad in Photoshop Elements. It’s simple but striking and was a good Photoshop learning experience. Putting up banner ads is a manner of timing and money; getting more thorough exposure is more difficult. Thanks to David Wisehart’s Kindle Author blog, we now have an author interview. We are in process of trying to get Rising Tide reviewed and will be introducing ourselves and our book on the Kindle discussion boards soon.

Meanwhile, writing continues. We’re several chapters into Victory at Any Cost (the second novel in the West Pacific Supers series) and there’s already a lot of tension and action. This is going to be an exciting novel with some very interesting new personalities! We’re also continuing work on our roleplaying book, Knight of Curidan, which will be the first published book in our Duet Sagas series. To market that series better, we commissioned Lorraine Schleter to prepare a Duet Sagas logo. Unlike some of the illustrations we’ve commissioned, we had very little in the way of solid ideas for this logo and gave Lorraine a lot of leeway to design something that “captured the spirit of duet roleplaying”. And did she deliver! After preparing a gallery of possibilities for us to choose from, she took our initial feedback and ended up with this fantastic design:

So everything is going well, just busy. If anyone has marketing suggestions, or knows of anyone willing to review our book, please leave a comment.

Thanks for reading,



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