Assembling Canon

This past weekend I finally finished a project I’d been dreading for months but knew had to be done before we did any more writing on West Pacific Supers projects: going through Rising Tide page by page and assembling canon. We were long overdue in tackling this momentous task, and I’m pleased to say that it is now complete.

I imagine that every fiction writer who authors more than one work in a given setting has to assemble canon in order to ensure continuity. In our case, we needed to know every superhero, supervillain, and super team that we mentioned in Rising Tide. We needed a master timeline with every date and event, from the birth years of our characters to various historic superbrawls that we’d mentioned. We needed a list of every product, sponsor, company, and secondary character named. We needed to know every little detail – from what Cosmic Kid carries on his utility belt to how many children and ex-wives Blue Star has. We needed to have a master list of every street address and building named in the first book, so that if any of those locations show up again, they are correctly and consistently named. The completed Rising Tide canon came in at about 20 single-spaced pages of text and will serve as the master reference document as we work on future West Pacific Supers projects.

Right now, we have three such projects underway. One is of course the sequel to Rising Tide, which is called Victory at Any Cost, and which will be released next year. We’ve written 20 chapters so far, about 74,000 words, and it’s going smashingly. I really do think that this book is tighter, more focused, and yet also more engaging than Rising Tide. We’ve got some great characters and very entertaining plotlines.

We’ve also begun work on the first two works of shorter fiction that we’re going to release as serials in the West Pacific Supers setting. These serials will introduce major characters from the main novels in a shorter work told entirely from one point of view. The first, tentatively called Blue Star and the Vanghel Invasion, focuses on Blue Star nearly 40 years before Rising Tide. He’s a young man facing a very different world than the highly commercialized celebrity culture that would take over superheroics in the coming decades. The second, tentatively called Camille and the Supernovas, features another one of our main characters, Camille, who is struggling to keep her new charter team going. Our idea is to make the first story in each serial available for free download and to have subsequent stories priced at just 99 cents.

Thanks for reading,

From Kirk: Michelle was a super trooper on this project and really slogged away at it for many days.  It was a necessity though to keep me focused as I have countless conflicting canon for West Pacific Supers in my head.  Still it was surprising how much stuff we had put into Rising Tide and kudos for Michelle for putting it all into a sensible package we can use to keep consistent.


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