Looking for Volunteers

We’re looking for volunteers to help us develop our Duet Saga Rules for our line of RPG products in support of duet roleplaying.  I mentioned earlier that we were planning on using Pathfinder for the first few books of the Duet Saga line, but we decided we need our own rules.  Pathfinder is a great system for group campaigns but it just doesn’t do we what we want for duet campaigns. We were already running behind schedule on our RPGs due to real life distractions and a last minute decision to launch two new West Pacific Supers serials and this change in course does throw us more off schedule. Such things happen but we are shifting gears from West Pacific Supers to Duet Sagas for the fall and by winter we hope to get back on course.

So here’s the deal. The system we are developing is the intellectual property of Blue Moon Aurora. By volunteering you agree to that, but in exchange you will be credited in the Duet Saga Handbook for your efforts. We will also try to get some free stuff to everyone that helps. Finally, down the road we will be hiring some freelance writers to help develop the Duet Saga line and the first people we will look to are those who have helped with the Duet Saga Rules. At the least, it should be a good mental exercise and a chance to help develop a gaming system that will be published.

So if you are interested email me at bluemoonaurora@gmail.com for more information.


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