End of 2011

It was back in March that we started Blue Moon Aurora, LLC and began our adventure in self-publishing. West Pacific Supers: Rising Tide was our first novel and published as an e-book in late June. We just now have gotten our first real review of Rising Tide through Kirkus Indie Reviews that can be seen here. That honestly sums up our accomplishments in actual publishing for 2011. Our plan has always been to use 2011 and 2012 to learn the ropes and figure out what we are doing, but I’ll admit we’ve been learning slower that I personally hoped as real life events have gobbled up money, time, and the most valuable of all – energy. However, we’re still making progress.

We have finished the first draft for West Pacific Supers: Victory at Any Cost which is well on schedule to be revised and published by Spring 2012. We also have a children’s book, a young adult fiction book, and two science fiction novels in various states of writing. I’m not going to make any predictions when they will be done but if we can get even two of them published in 2012 I think that would be a tremendous success. We also have ideas for another five or six books we’re kicking around that we may start in 2012 but don’t expect to publish till 2013 or later.

One project that has been sidelined has been our Duet Sagas line of roleplaying products. We have tons of great art, plenty of ideas, but we decided on a totally new approach a few months ago.  This combined with real life pretty much stalled the project but I intend to make this a priority for 2012. I hope to have the Duet Saga Handbook and Duet Saga: Knight of the Curidan Succession published in 2012 but I’m honestly not sure if that’s happening. If I find the time and energy I’m pretty confident it will happen but we’ll see.

Finally, I am making my blog Get Used to Disappointment a focus for 2012. We’re even toying with the idea of doing a humorous podcast through the blog. I enjoy writing humorous pieces and the blog with be updated every week with most updates an attempt at something funny.

Anyway that’s the update so thanks for reading!

– Kirk


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