On the Horizon: More Books

The Victory at Any Cost cover art is in and looks beautiful, which means that “all” that remains is to finish reading the book out loud to each other, input any corrections or changes we decide on, finalize the cover layout (Kirk has a vision here that includes also reissuing Rising Tide with a new cover to include common visual themes for the entire West Pacific Supers series), and format the novel for Kindle, Smashwords, and CreateSpace (yes, each one of those is different). We’re trying to save money this time and format ourselves, since we were able to successfully format the smaller WPS serials we released last fall without too much headache.

We’ve been pleased to see that sales of Rising Tide have picked up with the reduced price and several new and favorable book reviews. We’re hoping that release of Victory at Any Cost will demonstrate our commitment to the series and inspire more sales. Victory is shaping up to be a phenomenal sequel; we’re excited to get it out there.

Meanwhile, Kirk is pushing forward on the Duet Sagas Handbook, which is a lot of nitty gritty rules work at the moment. Writing a roleplaying book is a whole different beast than novel writing, but one that we want to keep pushing forward on, especially since we already have all of the artwork commissioned and delivered for the book. Speaking of roleplaying, we are planning to attend Gen Con this year, not in any official business capacity but as a long-anticipated personal visit. I’m not sure yet if any of the illustrators we’ve worked with will be attending also, but regardless it should be an amazing opportunity to meet people and see firsthand what all is going on in the roleplaying industry.

As if all of this wasn’t enough to keep him busy, Kirk is also hard at work on another novel that’s entirely different from our West Pacific Supers line. The Black Throne Conspiracy, which evolved out of Kirk’s NaNoWriMo writing, is set in a space fantasy setting and features Lord Cobran Derithal, a sidelined military officer who finds himself caught up in a deadly web of intrigue, noble politics, and forbidden cults. I’m fortunate enough to get to read the chapters as he finishes them, and I’m already hooked.

Last but not least, we have contracted for illustration and layout for my collection of Buddhist children’s stories, which I wrote a long time ago and has been slowly but steadily making its way towards publication. We’ve really wanted to take our time with this particular project to make sure that we get everything right. I’m thrilled to say that we’ve found a Buddhist illustrator who has experience creating beautiful illustrations, both Buddhist and secular. He’s got exactly the sort of skills and vision I was hoping to find to bring my words to life.

There’s more in the pipeline, but right now we need more hours in the day to just deal with all of what’s outlined above! And I didn’t even mention that Kirk is also learning to use Scrivener (a writing program), QuickBooks (an accounting program), and his new Mac computer, not to mention that he’s also just taken delivery of a couple microphones and a mixer, which is part of his big podcasting plans. Needless to say, there’s a lot going on and Blue Moon Aurora looks to have a bright future as we head decisively into 2012.

Thanks for reading,


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