Victory is Coming!

Victory at Any Cost is very close to completion. Really, all that’s needed is some last minute formatting and edits…that and an epilogue, which is what I should really be working on instead of doing a blog. However, we have finished designing the cover for Victory as well as a new cover for Rising Tide to harmonize the look of West Pacific Supers books. That demands a blog! Here is the new cover for Rising Tide:

And here is the cover for Victory that should be released as an e-book within the next month:

Honestly, I’m quite happy with Victory. It had all the stuff that makes West Pacific Supers fun and entertaining but with a tighter plot, though it’s nearly the exact same length as Rising Tide. There is a lot more supernatural in the 2014 Season as the action is drive by a feud between Circe and Nike the Goddess of Victory. There are big changes in store for the team that will end lives and careers, but there’s also plenty of action and humor in the second installment of West Pacific Supers!

Now the following characters have a point of view in Victory:

Blue Star (Jacob)


Cosmic Kid (Patrick)

Danny Chase

Paradigm Shift (Joel)

Zodiac (Mei)

Lately sales of Rising Tide have modestly picked up and we’re getting plenty of positive feedback on what we’ve been doing so that’s really been encouraging. I really think Victory is better than Rising Tide and I hope to continue that trend as the series continues, but that means we need feedback and input so we can learn what’s good and what’s not. Anyway, I have to get back to writing.

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