Victory at Any Cost…now available!

Victory at Any Cost is now available at for only $0.99 and if you liked Rising Tide you’ll love Victory at Any Cost. It’s the next Season for the West Pacific Supers superhero team and the supernatural is front and center as the team is dragged into a confrontation between Nike the goddess of victory and the immortal witch Circe. The title is more than just a reference to Nike; it’s the choice faced by many of the characters in the novel – what is the cost you’re willing to pay for victory? Their decisions and the sacrifices the characters make, or in some cases don’t make, drive the story.

Victory at Any Cost begins right where Rising Tide ended, with the release of Nike from her imprisonment as a statue in the Louvre. She’s not out for vengeance as much as a rematch, but the rematch she’s interested in throws West Pacific Supers into the middle of the fray. It’s a war of public opinion and politics where things aren’t always what they seem. So how much is victory worth? The lives and reputations of the West Pacific Supers will be on the line when it’s victory at any cost.


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