March Update

1. Victory at Any Cost is available at as an e-book but will be available as an e-book on this coming weekend and as a printed book through CreateSpace the second week of April. Of course, when it goes live at those venues I’ll announce it here.

2. We have a new review up for Rising Tide through IndieReader. I am very happy that our debut novel has been consistently scoring around four stars (out of five) with most reviews. It’s very reassuring when people keep praising the characters you created and generally liking what you have written. However, I do take reviews and comments very seriously. Michelle sometimes thinks I’m obsessive as I mull over reactions to Rising Tide. I take them very seriously as they can provide insights into how to improve what we are doing. Victory at Any Cost was definitely influenced by some reviews of Rising Tide that while praising our characters pointed out that our story and plot weren’t that tight. We had reasons for why we organized Rising Tide as we did and wouldn’t want to change it, but this was an area where we put a lot of energy into improving for the sequel. The other consistent criticism we haven’t been able to correct is our abundance of characters and depth of the world. This is actually an area of pride for us as we love our characters and work hard to give them all time to shine. We’re going to try to add a glossary of characters and have been giving a lot of thought to how to better manage the number of characters, but I’ll admit it – Victory at Any Cost has a lot of new characters. Hopefully, we’ve made them all distinct and combined with the old characters things should feel less crowded. The irony is that we have excised characters before the final drafts in both Rising Tide and Victory at Any Cost. We’re a little character obsessed.

3. I’m slogging away at writing the Black Throne Conspiracy, which is sci-fi/fantasy novel and involves a lot of intrigue, action, a little humor, and some romance. I’ve been working on it since November and have finally settled down on a style, plot, and approach I’m happy with. It’s very different from West Pacific Supers. There’s only a single point of view, which was a necessity as it’s a more complicated story than Rising Tide or Victory at Any Cost. I’m hoping to have my first draft finished in a month with Michelle hopefully having the time to review it and add in material. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to have anyone review it beside our much appreciated and wonderful volunteer editor but I suspect to be able to release it as an e-book this fall.

4.  Another project is Gardens of the Mind, which is Michelle’s Buddhist children’s book. It’s progressing and this also should be released this fall. This will be a very nice introduction to Buddhism for children and Michelle’s excellent prose has garnered a foreword by a Rinpoche in fact. This project is what you might call a karma project for us as we intend to donate a portion of our profits from it to a Buddhist charity.

5. Other projects aren’t in a state where we can predict their publishing dates but we do plan on starting serious work on Duet Saga: Knight of Curidan (RPG project), Harold & Aoin (young adult fiction), and President’s Team (third book in WPS series) by this summer. I expect to have more information on these projects this summer.

6. On a final point. We’re making a bigger push to have a presence on FacebookTwitter, Good Reads, and LibraryThing. We have and intend to continue to arrange free book giveaways through LibraryThing so keep an eye out there. Though we’ll announce that on Twitter and Facebook as well.

That’s all, thanks for reading!

– Kirk


2 thoughts on “March Update

  1. I guess a glossary could be a good idea; it would help readers to both familiarize themselves with the characters and separate the main players from the “bit part” characters. But this world you have created seems more real BECAUSE of the number of people that inhabit it. Look at Dickens’ work, and think about Tolstoy! – it’s better that the reader has a little work to do in the beginning to keep the characters straight, rather than the author presenting a poorly populated story. And most important of all, I can’t think of who you would leave out.

  2. We’ve added character descriptions to the Amazon versions of Rising Tide and Victory at Any Cost through Shelfari extras. See the main Rising Tide and Victory at Any Cost pages on Amazon or check out our new Shelfari page at For non-Amazon readers, we’re probably going to put a version of the character glossary on the West Pacific Supers homepage, which we are planning to revise in the near future.

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