April Update

Victory at Any Cost is out and selling as well as Rising Tide. It’s one advantage of both of them being priced at $0.99 is that people are just buying both of them if one catches their interest. We’ve been busy with matters beyond Blue Moon Aurora so we’re a little behind on formatting the print version of Victory at Any Cost but we’re getting close.

The writing for The Black Throne Conspiracy is going slowly but in the right direction. I expect to have my first draft finished by the end of May. Then I’ll focus on our first roleplaying product, Duet Saga: Knight of Curidan, as well as the whimsical young adult fiction book Harold & Aoin. These along with the Buddhist children’s book Gardens of the Mind are pretty much Blue Moon Aurora’s focus for 2012 though one or two of them might get pushed back to early 2013 for release. We will be looking for beta-readers for these books as feedback is important to our writing process. If interested you can comment to this blog or email me at bluemoonaurora@gmail.com. Of course, we’re months away from having any drafts ready for people to review but we’re trying to reorganize how we do things.

One of the challenges when you are doing most stuff yourself, such as in indie publishing, is that you can get caught up in the process. We’ve made some mistakes and fumbled some things, nothing serious, but it’s annoying and you really want to get a system that works and reduces stress and drama. The good news is that we can say that our bold experiment with Blue Moon Aurora has thus far been a success. When we started we weren’t even sure we would be able to publish one book let alone two with many more on the way. Financially, we’re not were we need to be but we’re moving in the right direction. Our original plan was to commit to Blue Moon Aurora for three years and then make a decision if we would continue it. I can say that a year into our self-publishing adventure and yet it’s pretty certain we’re going to keep this going for much longer than three years. We just need to keep adjusting and refining how we do things to try to make this a profitable venture but I’m very confident that’s on the horizon.


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