May Update

Busy working on Black Throne Conspiracy. It’s coming together but a complicated project so taking longer than expected, which is alright because I’d rather take a little longer and get the first draft right then have to completely rewrite it on the second draft. Though who knows that could be the case anyway.

Beyond that there is a new blog on our West Pacific Supers site dealing with Camille that can be found here. One thing we plan on doing is sharing some of the background information we have for the world of West Pacific Supers that probably isn’t going to make it into the novels. Yes, as detailed as the novels are we do excise a lot of extraneous material to keep things moving at a fast clip.

On another front there is an interview on us online with our local newspaper the Rockville Gazette that can be found here. It’s a good interview as I think it really catches us and what we’re trying to do here, especially with West Pacific Supers. Our thanks to the reporter who took the time to interview us for the article.


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