Black Throne Conspiracy: First Draft Done

During last year’s NANOWRIMO, M and I decided to both spend the month working on solo projects as a break from writing West Pacific Supers and possibly giving us a potential new book series or two to work on. I spent two weeks working on a young adult science fiction idea that just wasn’t working. I thus abandoned that idea and started working on the Black Throne Conspiracy. I’ve been working on this novel ever since and for the last few months I’ve brought M in to help rewrite and fill in some of the gaps. Today, I finished the last chapter.

Of course, we’ll still need to do a second draft but I think this first draft is very close to what the final product will be. It’s basically the story of a noble who’s part of an interstellar empire who gets caught up in the intrigues of a cult worshipping and evil power. So there’s political intrigues, action, and an exciting plot. Personally, I think it’s a fun read.


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