Black Throne Conspiracy Released

BTC Front Cover Final

Black Throne Conspiracy is finally released as an ebook through or in print version from Here’s the brief synopsis of this novel:

Sir Cobran Derithal was a rising star in the Army of the Concordance, one of the major stellar powers of the Ascension Galaxy. Then an explosion shattered his leg, killed his fiancée, and ended his military career. Back on his homeworld of Jarissa, he’s been content to convalesce until a series of unexpected events rouses him to action. Now Cobran must travel to the capital city to discover why his brother is suddenly demanding that he marry a woman he’s never met, why his sister has foreseen that a young noblewoman will cease to exist in six months’ time, and why his wealthy cousin is convinced that only Cobran can save him from ruin. Behind all the machinations and intrigue, a dark evil stirs that could threaten the tenuous peace of the galaxy.

From K.M. Johnson-Weider, the author of the West Pacific Supers series Rising Tide (IndieReader Approved, 4-star review) and Victory at Any Cost, comes an entirely new novel set in the Ascension Galaxy, where future tech mixes with ancient magics, some of them rooted in the shadowy recesses of time. Sir Cobran Derithal is still recovering from his war wounds when he is drawn into a web of political intrigue and noble manipulations. Murder and masquerade balls, suspense and swordfighting – Black Throne Conspiracy is a gripping adventure where everyone is maneuvering to advance their own interests and those of their Houses. From concealing his cousin’s dalliances with another noble’s wife to fighting off a cybernetically enhanced killer and doing a little romancing of his own, it will take all of Cobran’s intellect and instincts to keep himself, and those he loves, alive.

I will say unquestionably this is the best book we’ve written thus far. It’s the type of book that I personally like to read. Now it does suffer from the same defects of the West Pacific Supers novels – it’s long (over 150,000 words) and it has some complexity. However, like West Pacific Supers the pacing is quick, the characters engaging, and there’s plenty of action and wit. I honestly can’t wait for more people to read this book as I think it’s fantastic.


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