Black Throne Conspiracy: Early Reviews

We’ve begun to receive some feedback on Black Throne Conspiracy and it’s been quite positive including a Kirkus Indie Review that we’ve been excerpting as follows:

“A rich sci-fi mystery thriller set in a technologically advanced and politically corrupt galaxy. Johnson-Weider (West Pacific Supers: Victory at Any Cost, 2012) creates a complex, textured high-fantasy world, complete with political intrigue, societal conflict, romantic histories and, of course, space aliens.  Cobran emerges as a compelling, likeable front man–determined, loyal and competent. . . . a consistently thrilling, action-packed story, leaving readers completely fulfilled–if perhaps a bit shell-shocked. A complex, addictive sci-fi adventure.”

We’re really proud of this book and our growth as writers that it represents. Speaking of which, Michelle has finished another edit of Rising Tide and Victory at Any Cost that are now the versions we’re selling at Amazon and Smashwords. These aren’t significant revisions and merely clean up some of our language and incorporate the lessons we’ve learn with each book we’ve written. Our goal is always to keep pushing ourselves as writers and making every one of our books special. Thus far I think we have managed this magnificently.


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