Ascension Galaxy

Black_Throne_Conspir_Cover_for_Kindle (2)Black Throne Conspiracy is the first novel set in the Ascension Galaxy, where future tech mixes with ancient magics, some of them rooted in the shadowy recesses of time. Sir Cobran Derithal is still recovering from his war wounds when he is drawn into a web of political intrigue and noble manipulations. Murder and masquerade balls, suspense and swordfighting – Black Throne Conspiracy is a gripping adventure where everyone is maneuvering to advance their own interests and those of their Houses. From concealing his cousin’s dalliances with another noble’s wife to fighting off a cybernetically enhanced killer and doing a little romancing of his own, it will take all of Cobran’s intellect and instincts to keep himself, and those he loves, alive.

Black Throne Conspiracy is now available in print here or as an ebook for only $0.99 here.

“A rich sci-fi mystery thriller set in a technologically advanced and politically corrupt galaxy . . . a consistently thrilling, action-packed story, leaving readers completely fulfilled–if perhaps a bit shell-shocked. A complex, addictive sci-fi adventure.” – Kirkus Reviews


an IndieReader Approved book!

an IndieReader Approved book!

“Intermingling magic, hovercrafts, and rigid class rules, the Ascension Galaxy proves a mixture of the old and the fantastic. . . the payoff comes in the form of a complex and believable world where the triumphs of good and evil make for a detailed saga of family and politics. ” – IndieReader 4-star review

“The royal politics of high fantasy and the swashbuckling of space opera are rarely a match made in Heaven, but, in so many ways, Black Throne Conspiracy bucks the trends and delivers a thoroughly enthralling and enjoyable story. Sir Cobrin is an engaging, conflicted, immensely interesting protagonist, and he serves as a marvelous lens through which to learn and explore the vast machinations of the Ascension Galaxy. . . With elements of thriller, whodunit, and political gamesmanship, this is a rich and immersive storytelling universe, one in which the rules are hard and fast, the narrative confident and free flowing. The political world of the Concordance is multi-tiered and impressively absorbing . . .” – San Francisco Book Review 4-star review

“Cobran is a hero, one part damaged, two parts confused, three parts champion and four parts Sherlock Holmes. . .  If you enjoy science fiction and fantasy you will enjoy the worlds and the interesting mix of technology and archaic means. If you enjoy conspiracies, a bit of romance, suspense and a bit of magic, than this work will be what you need. It would be a good read for a book club as well as a reading group.” – Blog Critics review



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