Looking Towards 2013

The print versions are up for Rising Tide and Victory at Any Cost. They’re priced at $12.99.

So what’s going on with Blue Moon Aurora, LLC? First, we’ve decided to be more patient. We were a little impatient to get Victory at Any Cost out and underestimated the amount of time it would take to format the novel for different venues. There were also typos that got through our editing process, which we’ve corrected, but we’re not happy about making sloppy mistakes. Thus we’ve decided to extend the amount of time we allot for editing and formatting for publication. In fact, we’ve decided that we won’t be publishing any new books in 2012. The plan then is for us to release five books in 2013. These books will be as follows:

Black Throne Conspiracy – I am very close to finishing the first draft of this sci-fi novel. It’s the story of Sir Cobran Derithal who finds himself drawn into the intrigues of the capital of an interstellar empire. The book has politics, mysteries, action, romance, and a little humor as well. We’ve approached this book very differently from the West Pacific Supers series. I’ve written the rough draft myself with M correcting it and offering feedback. Now we’re in the midst of revision and I’m giving M some chapters to completely rewrite as well as carte blanche to revise the manuscript. I expect by the end of next week for my role in writing the novel to be done till we get around to a second draft in a few months. Size-wise, Black Throne Conspiracy will be about the same, maybe a little longer, than the West Pacific Supers books, but it’s a single point of view so is very different in a lot of ways.

Harold & Aoin – I’ve begun outlining this young adult fiction novel about a teenage boy, an alien radical, and their efforts to save the United States from an extraterrestrial threat. This is going to be a very zany and fun novel. Interestingly, the Harold & Aoin characters and dynamic originally came from my West Pacific Supers roleplaying campaigns. However, this novel will not be set in the West Pacific Supers universe but our own contemporary world. M already took a crack at some of the chapters but I’ll probably be doing most of the writing on this project for the rough draft.

In the Garden of Our Minds – This is M’s Buddhist children’s book. Our illustrator is going to be working on it for the rest of the year. We know we will be releasing this book in print but haven’t decided on any other formats at this point. In the Garden of Our Minds serves as an introduction for children and families to some of Buddhism’s key principles and M did a very good job of making the book accessible while also confronting some tricky issues directly. We intend to donate a portion of any profits from the publishing of this book to a Buddhist charity. Really this project is for karma not profit, but it’s going to be an awesome book.

Duet Saga: Knight of Curidan – This will be our first roleplaying product and it’s a priority for me to get writing on this after I finish Black Throne Conspiracy. It will be a standalone RPG for a duet campaign, which means one narrator and one player. The book will feature a fantasy setting and allow you to run a complete roleplaying campaign. It will have its own simple rules system and should be quite the product. This is one of the foundational projects for which we established Blue Moon Aurora, LLC, but it has kept getting pushed back, although we already have most of the art for the book commissioned and completed. Knight of Curidan is a priority project and will be released in 2013.

West Pacific Supers: President’s Team – This is the final book in the first West Pacific Supers trilogy. We have quite a few good ideas and have been brainstorming but we don’t plan on starting writing until this fall. The real question is which characters will have points of view? Typically, we do six of them, which is our plan for President’s Team as well. If there are any characters you really want to have points of view in the next book, then you should say so in the comments. We haven’t committed to anything yet for this novel so feedback would definitely influence us.

So there you go, that’s Blue Moon Aurora’s release schedule with five books to be released in 2013.  We’re going to take more time with each of these books to make them as good as possible.  We’re also not disappearing in 2012, as we may produce some extras for West Pacific Supers (once again, feedback could certainly influence what we do) as well as previews of these upcoming products.

Thanks for reading,