West Pacific Supers

Imagine a world like our own but with superheroes. Would the superheroes change the world or would the world change the superheroes?

Book One: Rising Tide

Rising-Tide-new-cover-KindlWest Pacific Supers is the professional superhero team for the city of West Pacific in northern California. It’s hard to know what’s more dangerous for the members of West Pacific Supers: the supervillains out to destroy the city or the superazzi determined to uncover all of their dirty secrets. If juggling heroics and public relations weren’t hard enough, the Season begins with a shocking death.

West Pacific Supers: Rising Tide is an IndieReader Approved book!

West Pacific Supers: Rising Tide is an IndieReader Approved book!

Now new team members must be recruited to counter two major threats: a scientist with an insane plan that threatens California and an enemy from within West Pacific Supers itself. The team will succeed only after taming their massive egos and getting help from unlikely sources. Unfortunately, just like winning fame and fortune, beating the bad guys always comes at a heavy price.

Now available as an e-book at amazon.com for only $0.99. The print version is available here.

“the well-imagined world and strong cast of do-gooders save the debut novel and will keep readers interested through the epilogue by offering new takes on surprisingly human personal struggles, like a less cynical Watchmen with more likable characters.” – Kirkus Reviews

“both a satire and social commentary on our own sports, celebrity, media, advertising, and research-heavy culture. . . imaginative and ambitious, a strong first-effort by its authors.” – IndieReader 4-star review

Book Two: Victory at Any Cost

Victory-cover-KindleWest Pacific Supers are trying to regroup after a rough Season but a supernatural conflict is brewing in West Pacific between Nike, the newly restored goddess of victory, and the immortal witch Circe, a former member of West Pacific Supers, that could be the greatest threat the team has ever faced. The situation quickly escalates out of control as rivalries and jealousies threaten to tear the team apart. Ultimately, the efforts of an apprentice wizard and the new White Knight power armor pilot may be the deciding factors in a no-holds-barred contest in which each side is looking for victory at any cost.

Now available as an e-book at amazon.com for only $2.99. The print version is available here.


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