the truth about Hannah Rose

Hannah Rose cover copyAdoption is an issue near and dear to our hearts, so we’re very pleased that the first release in our new Blue Moon Signature imprint is the truth about Hannah Rose, a fictionalized memoir of adoption by Naomi Kenorak set during the heyday of American adoptions from Russia. Here’s the book synopsis:

Ally Eisenberg is approaching forty, recently divorced, and disconnected from her Jewish heritage. She turns to adoption from Russia to fulfill her lifelong dream of mothering. Soon she has accepted the referral of a little girl she’s always known she’d call Hannah Rose. Ally successfully navigates the many hoops and hurdles of the adoption process and finally brings four-year-old Hannah home, only to realize that neither she nor her new daughter are prepared for the dramatic challenges involved in becoming a family. After months of struggling with post-adoption depression, Ally thinks things are looking up when a new complication arises in Hannah’s growing interest in her birthfamily. Now Ally must discover whether she can put aside her own expectations about the kind of mother she should be in order to become the mother that her daughter actually needs.

This book captures the thrill and anxiety of the pre-adoption “paperchase”, the incredible feeling of literally being handed your new child in a far-off country, and the overwhelming reality of what comes next as both parent and child settle into actual day-to-day family life. There are some intense parts that tackle the difficult subjects of post-adoption depression and adjustment. The story weaves in the narrator’s turning back to her Jewish faith and the emotional struggles she goes through that eventually lead to her deciding to search for her daughter’s birthfamily.  Ultimately this is a brave and uplifting story of how one woman’s deeply felt desire to become a parent transforms her from wanting the daughter she always imagined to being the mother of the daughter she actually gets.

You can read exclusive excerpts from throughout the book here or go directly over to and buy the truth about Hannah Rose for Kindle for only $2.99!


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